About Will & Eko

Hi, my name is Will, and the handsome gentleman next to me is Mr. Eko, my Rhodesian Ridgeback.  We make a pretty good team; Eko has the brains, looks and personality, and I provide the driver’s license, credit card and comedic relief.  Like any good team, our team has always had a goal – to find adventure.  Eko and I love exploring new places, meeting new people and seeing what the world has to offer.

We spent the past year looking for the best pet-friendly destinations in the country, but just because we don’t live in a car anymore doesn’t mean we have settled down! Eko and I are on a mission to make the most of every day and we need your help to make our bucket list – you can send us suggestions here.

Name: Will Kearney

Age: 28

Favorite Movie: Braveheart

Favorite Book: Where the Wild Things Are

Favorite Quotation: “I don’t know, I’m making this up as I go!” – Indiana Jones

 About Will:  Will grew up in South Orange, New Jersey, and due to his freckles he spent the majority of his childhood being confused for his family’s Dalmatian, Indiana Bones.  It was only fitting that Will’s first ambition was to follow in the footsteps of his dog’s namesake, Indiana Jones, and become a great adventurer.  Unfortunately, Will soon discovered that archaeology involves a lot more monotonous research and a lot less jumping out of planes than is advertised in the movies.  So instead of becoming an archaeologist, Will turned to writing to combine his passion for adventure with his love of storytelling. Living with a pet is an everyday adventure and Will is excited to share that story.

Name: Mister Eko

Age: 3

Favorite Movie: The Lion King

Favorite Book: Clifford the Big Red Dog

Favorite Quotation: “It’s 106 miles to Chicago. We got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses.”  “Hit it.” – The Blues Brothers

 About Eko: Mr. Eko, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, was named after Will’s favorite character from the TV show LOST.  Will originally planned to name his first child Mr. Eko, but luckily for Will’s future wife, he got impatient and gave the name to his new puppy instead.  It is widely accepted that Mr. Eko is the smarter, better looking and more talented member of this duo.  Ridgebacks are allegedly fearsome lion hunters, but Eko must have cut class that day because he is extremely playful and friendly.  Like Superman, Eko is solar powered and you can always find him basking wherever the sun shines brightest.  Eko loves exploring new places and meeting new people, and he is even kind enough to let Will tag along.

126 thoughts on “About Will & Eko

  1. Hi and thanks for your quick reply. I was thinking of getting a gopro as well, your videos have a great quality. We will Keep you updated! All the best from Germany,


  2. Hi Will, my name is JayJay from Germany! My wife and I love your blog, we enjoy your Videos with Eko and Penny for several months now and are looking forward to it every week!
    We are now at the point of getting our own puppy, a Magya Viszla. You guys have been a great Inspiration for us, so we are planning to start our own blog, because in Germany there is no such thing so far.
    I would like to know which kind of GoPro you are using for your Videos and maybe you can tell me which Software you are using for editing!
    Every other recommendation for starting a Video blog is highly appreciated! We will let you know the outcome, for sure.
    Keep up the love for your pups and fans, we will Support your blog!

    Nicole and JayJay

    • Hey JJ,

      I use a GoPro Hero 4 Black. But most of my photos/videos are shot with a Sony A77ii and edited in Adobe Premiere. More important than camera and software is simply doing it. Start writing, start taking photos/video, start blogging (very easy through wordpress) and see where it takes you. Best of luck!

  3. We just lost our beloved ridgeback Roxy of 11 years on Friday and as you can imagine, it’s been rough. We found your blog over the weekend and I can’t tell you how much we have enjoyed watching your adventures with Eko and Penny. We laughed out loud watching them squeeze on the couch with you. Brought back great memories. They are wonderful companions, enjoy every minute!

    • So sorry for your loss, I know how much it hurts to lose your constant companion. Thank you for your kind words – I’m glad to hear we could help you find a few smiles during this tough time.

  4. Thanks all watched your video for last few months and guess what I now own a Rhodesian ridgeback his now 11 weeks old . Best dogs ever to own

  5. What a fab blog! I’ve just started mine and am travelling the UK with my dog, Ted (slightly smaller than Eko but not small in nature that’s for sure!) Will enjoy getting to know you both and enjoy your adventures from the other side of the pond. Dogs really do make brilliant travel companions.

  6. The article on the loss of a dog had be crying before I was a paragraph in!! 8weeks, 4 days ago I lost my first dog & the love of my life….my Rhodesian Ridgeback Winston. I am broken hearted and feel weighted down with sadness all the time.

    The article shows that others too “get it” and understand the depth of grief that we suffer when loosing a furry friend.

    Thank you. Xx

  7. Hey Will,

    I’ve loved getting to know you, Eko and Penny through your vlogs! I am about to get my first rhodesian ridgeback and have some questions: what kind of dog food do you feed your pups? And what kind of dog toys do they like best?

  8. I followed and looked forward to Will and Ecko stories. And was excited to see Penny. But I haven’t seen any writings in a while. Am I missing them or have you quite posting. Please let me know.

    • Hey Cynthia, we’re still going strong and posts go up five days a week. You can find them all at markingourterritory.com. Let me know if you’re having trouble finding them.

  9. Hey Will!

    I’m so glad I found your vlog this morning. I really enjoyed your videos (especially with your lovely Penny)! You love your dogs!!!
    You inspired me getting more into Rhodesian ridgebacks. I always found these dogs to be very beautiful and noble but was always afraid of getting one because of “is it the right time?”. I often heard that RR are quite difficult dogs and not easy to educate. So I’m very impressed by the way you’ve educated your dogs. But coming to the point, you mentioned you read a lot of books about RR and educating them. I’d like to know if you could recommend a book that you find helpful!

    Cheers from Europe!

    • Thanks, Graham, glad you like them! It’s always a good sign when you’re taking the time to learn everything you can, I was the exact same way before I got Eko. Both Eko and Penny do live up to the Ridgeback reputation of stubbornness, but they also live up to the reputation of being highly food motivated. With treats as encouragement and lots of positive reinforcement there’s little they can’t do. To learn more about the breed, I’d recommend checking out more of our videos for day in the life type experiences. For specific info, the wikipedia page is a good start and links to a lot of great resources. For general training stuff, reviewing the latest behavioral science research is helpful, so I’d check out the book “Decoding Your Dog.” Good luck, happy to answer any questions you might have.

  10. Love the blog, I came across it during my RR research last year. We just picked up our puppy Huntly last month, he is a blast and has already grown so much! I look forward to reading more.

    • So glad you found us. I remember scouring the web for every last bit on Ridgebacks I could find. Glad I could pay it forward. You guys are going to have a ton of puppy fun this next year. Make sure to take lots of photos, they grow insanely fast.

  11. Hi there,
    Is it possible to write you some guestions by email? I saw some of your video’s of youtube and it really looks like you have a great relationship with your dog. I have a 11 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback. I would love to ask you some ‘parenting tips’.

  12. Thank you so much for this post. I lost my best friend, my soulmate in doggie form, Maxwell almost 11 days ago now to what was described as highly probable hemangiosarcoma. He was fine Friday night, playing in the snow and chewing a busy bone next to me. Saturday afternoon I was at the ER vet who told me he had a mass that ruptured and his belly was filling with blood. Saturday evening, after many tests and IV’s, I was told he was in good physical condition(otherwise) and an excellent candidate for surgery. He was in surgery by 10:50pm. At approx 11:20pm I was told he had 3 bleeding tumors on his liver that were inoperable, and would likely not live through the night if we woke him from anaesthesia. Also, his death would be extremely painful. I fell to the floor, I cried like I have never cried before. He was my reason for smiling, my comforting, calming best friend. You said it perfectly, friends and family are there but they have their own journey. This was mine and Maxwell’s journey. Moving, jobs, sleepovers on the floor, sharing hugs and lots of love. I loved our journey and I miss him with every part of me. There is no love, like the love of our dogs. From the moment I adopted him at the APL 5 1/2 yrs ago when he was 3 1/2 I fell in love with him. I know he fell in love with me too. It’s empty without my partner, my constant companion and protector. I would have given the world to save him. Anything I would have done. It’s taken every part of me, losing him. I’m awaiting the day at Rainbow Bridge. Until then, I just have to thank you so much for putting into perfect words the feelings and emotions that having and losing a dog brings.

  13. Thank you so much for your post on losing a dog. I too lost my heart dog, a rescued GSP to hemangiosarcoma a few months ago. Dutch’s story is so very identical to my GSP. You put into words so beautifully what feel. It’s nice to know I’m not totally alone in being a crazy dog person.

  14. Hi there,

    Good looking winter coats on those pups! Where did you get them? We are looking for one that will fit our Ridgeback Odin. Thanks, Andrea

  15. Hi Will,

    I’m an editor and came across this powerful post! We’d love to feature your voice on HuffPost. If interested, please email me at hayley.miller@huffingtonpost.com with a brief bio and headshot and we’ll set you up with a blogger account. Bloggers retain all rights to their work. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

    Hope to hear from you!


  16. Just came across your blog… it is now bookmarked and I will be checking back often!

    It always makes me happy to see people who LOVE their dogs. And it is evident that you are one of those people. As am I… though, obsessed may be a better word to describe my relationship with my dog!

    Your humor is refreshing and each blog I have read has brought a chuckle or a smile to my face. I even laughed just reading your “about” section!

    Keep writing, I look forward to reading more:)

  17. I’m Eline from Holland. I just want to let you know that because of Eko and Penny and you I decided that the time is right for me to get myself a new best friend. My RR Salamon died may 30 and I was soooo sad. Your videos en blogs made me laugh again and made me realise that I do not want to miss all the fun, love and friendship a dog gives you. So thank you so much and a big BIG hug for Eko and Penny!

  18. You are too funny! My brother went to school for archeology (he is career Army) and his first class at the professor played Indiana Jones for about 15 minutes. She stopped the movie and stated that anyone thinking that this was what their future in archeology would be like had the opportunity to leave because they were very wrong. A few people actually left.
    Love your blog!

  19. Hi Will, Eko and Penny,

    … we have a boy and a girl RR same age as yours… so we know how amazing is to live with RRs… love your blog because it shows it all!

    Best regards from Croatia!

  20. Hi there – thanks for liking our blog. Started following you and look forward to checking out your adventures together. Our boys love adventures and love exploring our country so I’m sure Eko will be exactly the same. Nothing like mans best friend – or friends as the case may be:-)

  21. Hi Will, Ecko and Penny!! I just wanted to tell you that we look forward to your posts every day! I started following your adventures when it was just you and Ecko and just couldn’t stay away. When you got Penny, I got my husband addicted too. We have a “sweet” little Rhodesian named Bera (we actually call her the Monsta) and Penny is her- In every way when she was a puppy. The color, the mannerisms the sweet innocent face….BAM that’s our girl! The only difference is that our girl only got to be about half size and weighs 65 pounds, which we don’t mind, as she has full size energy and spunk. She is now 4 and has mellowed out the way your Ecko seems to have done. In just wanted to say thank you for sharing your adventures, brings a smile and giggle every time we read it.

  22. Hey Will & Eko,
    My wife and I have been breed hunting in our adventure for our first pup! I had always wanted a Ridgeback and finally convinced her of all their amazingness. In particular, we visited the breeder we now plan to get our pup from, and the dog that just crawled into her lap melted her heart.

    But during this process I found y’alls bog and fell in love with Eko and Penny as well. It has gotten me unbelievably excited. We will be bringing ours home mid November, and these next 3 months may be the longest of my life.

    Anyways, you seem to have two well trained and socialized dogs that we can only hope to have. Do you have any particular resources for training plans, etc, to assist us in reaching the heights you’ve obtained? And what ways did you find it best to socialize Eko and Penny while waiting for completion of their vaccinations?

    I hope you continue your excellent blog. I look forward to continue following it and seeing all of y’alls adventures!

  23. Hello! This is Julia from lessonswithoscar.wordpress.com. I couldn’t find your email so I thought I’d send you this message here. Hello there!
    I’m writing this because Pam from Sammy’s Blog nominated me to take part in a blog hop, which I’ll be doing next Monday and I’d love to nominate you to take part in the blog hop the following week.
    The blog hop consists of answering four questions and then nominating three bloggers who you’d like to answer the same questions the following week.
    The four questions are
    1. How does my creative process work?
    2. How does my work differ from others of its’ genre?
    3. What am I working on?
    4. Why do I create what I do?
    I love reading your blog, which is why I’ve nominated you and I thought it would be interesting to see your responses to the questions. I understand if you don’t want to take part, but it would be great if you did. Just let me know!

  24. Hi Will, Eko is a beautiful dog! My ridgeback died in March and I am looking to get a new one. Do you mind sharing what breeder you got Eko from? Thanks!

  25. Love your blogs and videos!!!! I am the proud parent of two rhodesian ridgebacks. It’s amazing how similar they act in comparison to Eko. What a wonderful, one-of-a-kind breed:) Keep up the amazing work, and safe travels to both of you!

  26. I see you have been nominated before and you are about to be nominated again by me for The Versatile Blogger Award. I just recently found you and LOVE your blog. Keep up the entertainment. Of course in no way do you have to reciprocate for this award. Award posts are timely and can take away from what you want to really post on. Anyway her is the link to my award post, enjoy. http://thesundogdrift.wordpress.com/2014/02/08/6-awards-9-puppies-and-a-mama/

  27. Hello, Will and Eko! It’s always a pleasure to meet another dog and his person who have so much fun together. Thank you for visiting my blog and Max and I look forward to following your adventures. (We are in NJ, too.)

  28. I loved the video of eko n cash s I watched the video cash looked so familiar I have a Great Dane German Shepard mix that looks just like cash I wish I could send u a picture I think their twins

  29. Great blog! It’s been great to view the journey of love & friendship between yourself & Eko via Facebook. Looking forward to more to come.:)

  30. I have just found your blog today and absolutely LOVE it!! I’m an owner of a Ridgeback and he looks just like your Eko, my boy loved watching your videos and wishes he lives near you so he could play with Eko:-)

  31. I love your blog! My friend read your essay for Notre Dame Magazine and pointed me here because she knows how much I love dogs, too. So happy to see another ND grad super happy with his best friend! I’m dying for the day when I can find my own canine buddy, sadly not there yet. You’re a lucky guy! Keep writing, your thoughts are fun to read.

  32. This is how I picture my answering…

    Name: Rosemary (Rosie)

    Age: Almost 7 months

    Favorite Movie: John Hughes’ films and Planet Earth Series

    Favorite Book: Snoopy comics

    Favorite Quotation: “Back off, man. I’m a scientist.” – The Ghostbusters
    ( Woof. If I only had opposable thumbs. -Thought, Brittany, my human thinks I have)
    About Rosemary: Rosie is a smooth coated border collie; she loves movies in the park, neighborhood street festivals, late night beach romps, and exploring the beauties of nature.

  33. You just sold me:

    Favorite Quotation: “It’s 106 miles to Chicago. We got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses.” “Hit it.” – The Blues Brothers

    YES!! My dad and i recite that all the time. Love it. Keep up the awesome blogging.

  34. Will –
    From the beach pics, looks like you’re somewhere on the North Side or the northern Chicago suburbs. I spent many summer AND winter days at Tower Road beach and Gilson Park.

    It’s always fun to see what the two of you are up to!

  35. That was so adorable! Eko is so handsome & photogenic too! such expressive eyes!
    Wish you both all the best for all your future endeavors & adventures! One awesome blog here, so enjoyed my stay here:)

  36. I have seen you around the blogging community so much, but could never find ya till now! You guys look like you have lots of fun, can’t wait to read more! p.s- I also love where the wild things are!

  37. Will and Eko thanks so much for stopping by and following our blog, we would have never found you otherwise. Your blog is very interesting and inspiring and we look forward to following your adventures.

    p.s. We are Indiana Jones fans too😉

  38. I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award. Thank you for following me. You do not need to accept it if you do not want to, but if you don’t, know how much I appreciate your support. If you do want to accept it go to this page to see what you have to do.(http://wp.me/p2eEip-uh) Thanks again!

  39. We love reading your blog. Our Lab loves to go places in the car and always takes his toy Chester with him. ( I think it’s his security blanket but, we won’t tell him).

  40. I wanted to say hello! Just came across your blog when notsofancynancy reposted your Creative Problem Solving post. Looking forward to reading more about your travels and adorable Mr. Eko!

  41. I enjoy reading about your adventures with Eko, Will. In fact I read them out loud to my Rhodesian, Rooi. He remembers some of our best times (in his 8 years) being on the road together….He was a great traveler and still is. When we are out hiking together, he never leaves my side (except, of course, to chase an occassional rabbit). I have lots of wonderful pictures and videos about our adventures as well.
    Keep up the good work you two and have fun!
    Also, in reading from some of your bloggers…regarding the unfortunate treatment of animals in some states. I live in Idaho which was one of only 3 states that has no “animal cruelty laws” in place. One of my neighbors has worked tirelessly for the better part of a year collecting enough signatures for it to come up for a vote..Anything we can do raise awareness about abandonment and cruelty to dogs and other animals…

  42. You’ve been nominated for the One Lovely Blog award!

    Here are the steps for the award:

    Name the blogger who awarded you this fantastic award
    List 7 random facts about yourself
    Award 15 other bloggers this award

  43. Eko, I wish you and Will were around 13 years ago, my beloved yellow lab was in his prime then. Not many places would take us back then, but heck, I’m enjoying seeing you living life to the fullest, man, you have the best life ever!! Hope Will is keeping up with you. Keep sniffing!

  44. Hello, Will and Eko!

    My name is Sara and my husband and I also have a ridgeback. His name is Murphy and he is also the brains and the looks of our house:) Murphy also has a little sister, Milly. She’s a boxer/beagle mix rescue, but she is definitely second in command. Murphy’s real sister, Gypsy, also lives close by. We live in Oklahoma City, home of one of the best dog parks in the nation. Lake Hefner dog park is amazing, and we all love it! We think you guys should come up here and try it out! Hope to hear from you! Good luck on your journey!

  45. Why isn’t Mr. Eko Neutered? As much as you love him, health reasons alone should be enough. Ask your Vet. If I am not the only one to ask you this question then you probably know about the population problem and all the Ridgeback Rescue sites that have awesome dogs waiting for a home. Not to mention the personality complications that should arrive soon as his adult nature and his Ridgeback blood make him more likely to become aggressive or giving unwanted advances. This would make it harder for you to make a good impression and be a good canine ambassador for all these lovely places that take our beloved pets. Purina should think of this as this makes him look bad to millions of Rescue minded people. People who don’t or won’t care enough to alter their pet won’t care one way or the other, but people who do will look at only two things (very prominent in the photos) and then dismiss you and your good intentions.

  46. Nice to get tips from another dog traveler!

    If you and Mr. Eko get to the Mendocino area in California, check out Fort Bragg’s Shoreline Cottages. For $100 / night, you get a small cottage with kitchen, bathroom, bedroom with large-screen TV, and covered carport. Your cottage has a porch, but the best parts? Your dog is very welcome there, and has a grass-covered park with trees on the property to run around on. There’s also an outdoor picnic table, and the staff is super-friendly. They’ll rent you fairly recent movies to watch in your room. There’s a path to the beach just across the street, and lots of dog-friendly trails in area parks. Plus you and your dog get to watch crashing waves along this beautifully-rugged stretch of California’s coast. Our big male Sheltie Buzz loved it!

  47. I just happily discovered your Blog. Just LOVE the idea and will be following your adventures. Mr Eko is indeed very handsome. Have fun and be safe,

  48. Hi Will and Mr.Eko,
    While browsing for pet-friendly places to visit, I happened on your site and what a treat for the early morning start! Our “Brie” is a British Creme Golden Retriever, whose name reflects her color (like the cheese). She’s smart and beautiful, but tries to rule the roost most of the time. I envy your travels together……what a great way to spend your days!

  49. What a great Idea-!! Enjoy your road trip- we are at the Jersey Shore- right near Asbury Park- if you plan on heading this way we have a great dog beach, and at times can have up to 6 RR’s there:)
    Maureen- with Reagan, Chance & Luna

  50. If you are Ever in Pensacola Florida, please let it be known! We would love pictures with Mr. Eko and Tobago, our Bull Mastiff/Pit mix (1 y/o) and of course our kids too! I am loving all the adventures and now that I know where we can stay in different cities, it will be easier! =)

  51. Woof Eko,
    I’m French (well technically German), tall, age 3, white, and volunteer as a face licker at senior homes and hospitals.
    Love your blog.

    Standard Poodle

  52. Hello Will and Eko from Barbara and Rooi (a Rhodesian Ridgeback).
    A few years ago when Rooi was just a pup…I started out to travel around with Rooi and do the same thing you are….discover “dog friendly” places to travel…it was a publication to be called “Traveling with Rooi” to all the best places in Idaho. I had already done a short video with another traveling companion, a little “Staffie” whose name is Jessie…she is now 13 yrs. young …she and Rooi are best “buds”.
    Anxious to read about your travels with Eko.
    Barbara Sjolund

  53. Just want to say thanks for your wonderful words about Wags and Whiskers in Nashville. We’re glad you and Eko enjoyed your visit! Hopefully you’ll have a chance to visit us again one day. In the meantime, we are enjoying following the travels of you and Mr, Eko!

  54. This is great! I have been sitting here all night trying to find a road trip I can do with my ridgebacks, May and Milo. You guys look so calm together. By the time the three of us arrive anywhere, it is chaos. My fingers are crossed we roll as well as you did:)

  55. Good luck in your travels I would like to think that you will find many pet friendly destinations but I’m afraid if your travels bring you south you won’t have as much luck. I live in rural Mississippi and it seems that the most value placed on a dog around here is for hunting. I cannot count the number of stray dogs, many of which are abandoned hunting dogs, that I have had to take 30 miles to the nearest shelter. We don’t have any laws to protect animals outside of the city limts. Service animals may be welcome in some places but I took one of my puppies, carried in my arms, into the Dollar General one day and got thrown out. Maybe you will get a better welcome in Hattiesburg. Again good luck and safe travels.

    Pamela D.
    (Owner of 3 dogs and foster mom to my daughters’ 2 while they are in college)

  56. I live in central ny (upstate). I was wondering if you’ve came across any places there that you would recommend for dogs. My fiancé and I just found out our pup doesn’t have much longer and we wanted to take him places he’s never been before that he will really enjoy.

  57. Love reading about your travels and the fact that you travel with a “fearsome” breed! You, my friend, are a lucky, lucky man.

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