From Dog Park To Ball Park

Eko and I are heading out tonight to cheer/bark on the Chicago White Sox.  It’s dog day at the stadium and there should be a pretty good four legged crowd.  We had plenty of time for a pre-adventure before tonight’s main event, so Eko and I had a baseball themed tour of the neighborhood.

pet adventure, rhodesian ridgeback

First up was a game of father/son catch.  So that our game of catch didn’t turn into the game of visiting the vet, I stuck with a tennis ball instead of a baseball

pet friendly blog, rhodesian ridgeback

Eko talked strategy for tonight’s game with this husky, who was already dressed in the Sox’s black/white color scheme.  

rhodesian ridgeback, pet friendly blog

After the dog park, I took Eko to a diamond to teach him all the rules of baseball.  Some of his knowledge is a bit shaky, but he quickly learned how to slide into home plate.

rhodesian ridgeback, pet friendly place

Once, the idea of watching a Major League Game was just a dream for Eko, but not anymore!

Just a few more hours until we’re watching a professional baseball game live from inside the stadium.  Eko and I have done a lot of cool things, but this one is definitely up there.  Go Sox!

12 thoughts on “From Dog Park To Ball Park

    • That’s awesome – I hope I can find some other similar events in the area, but it will be tough to beat last night’s game.

      • Ugh! I just deleted what I typed. Some outdoor malls and some restaurants w/patios are dog friendly. We went to this bar in FL that allowed dogs (always allowed dogs) off leash once a month in their fenced in patio area where they had live music. If you go to my blog and click on the top link ‘old archieves’ and then look in keywords under dog friendly, I’ve got several posts/pics from there:)

  1. How great that they have a “dog day!” I think they should have “bring your dog to Amazon day.” Ha ha!! Arri would be such a good “stower.” She could place products in all the bottom shelves. Ha!

    Enjoyed your post!!

  2. How cool it is to have dog day at the stadium. Since I grew up in Illinois and have always been a Sox fan, I’m with you. Go Sox and have a great time you two!😀

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