We’re Off To See The Wizard

When Eko and I head out for our runs, I like to go off in different directions to get lost in, and find our way home from, different parts of the city.  Well today, Eko and I ended up a bit farther from home than usual…

pet friendly place rhodesian ridgeback

“Ruh roh, Shaggy”

As we turned the corner into an unfamiliar (yet quite familiar) park, I noticed that Eko and I were running on a yellow brick road.  We were already pretty lost at this point, so I had some trepidation about going any further.  However, I saw something  – or someone, actually – that gave me the courage to carry on.

pet friendly place dog blog

Put ’em up, Mr Eko!

Scarecrow may have more of a brain than I do, but it didn’t take me long to figure out that there might be a theme to this park.  A nearby sign told me that we were in Oz Park – a public park with art and gardens inspired by the Wizard of Oz.  Of course after finding the Cowardly Lion, Eko and I had to run around the park to get photos of the rest of the gang.

pet friendly places dog blog

“Will, I hate to say it, but I think I would pick Scarecrow over you for my Trivia Night team”

dog blog pet friendly places

The Tin Man looked well oiled, but I have a funny feeling the Pabst Blue Ribbon sticker wasn’t part of the original sculpture

dog blog pet friendly places

Finally we found Dorothy, with her loyal pup Toto – who happens to be one of Eko’s canine idols.  But wait a minute, what’s that in Dorothy’s hand…

pet blog pet friendly places

Aha!  Now we know why Toto stuck around – treats!

This morning was just more proof that you can always find unfamiliar adventures in familiar places.  Oz Park is only about a mile and a half from my apartment, but I had no idea it was there until today.  And while I didn’t know how we found our way to Oz, I certainly knew how to find our way home.

pet blog dog friendly places

Works like a charm!

11 thoughts on “We’re Off To See The Wizard

  1. That’s so clever. I’m glad they don’t have a statue of the Wicked Witch…she freaked me out. Won’t it be a great way to get home fast, no more cabs, just click ruby heels twice.

    • When traveling in and out of Oz, there is no faster way to get around than a trusty pair of ruby slippers! As far as I know, no one ever said they didn’t work for pets…

    • Haha, my Irish heritage comes through strong in that last photo! My skin is about as pale as they come. And I only have two skin tones – pale and sunburnt, no in between. Thanks for the compliment!

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