Black Friday: Pet Style

Black Friday’s here and that means people are up in the dark of the morning hunting for a good deal.

Eko’s idea for an early morning hunt is slightly different. Can you spot his prey?

Pets have slightly different Black Friday rules which I’ve adopted for myself.


Rule #1: Sleep late! You just ate a big meal


Rule #2: Avoid the crowds and crazy parking tactics 


Rule #3: Get out and enjoy the day



Rule #4: Romp!

After yesterday’s deliciousness, a slow morning and a nice afternoon run sound just about perfect. We only have the weekend left to enjoy NJ, so no time to waste.  Hope everyone had a great holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving!

A toast to wherever you are and whoever you’re with: 27.1

Hope your day is slightly less scary than this inflatable


Hope you and your company don’t bug each other too much


Hope you enjoy a delicious dinner (Luckily Penny’s grown, so there will be no confusing her for a turkey…at least in size, if not behavior)


And once you’re stuffed, hope you enjoy a good yawn and a relaxing day

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

[VIDEO] Thankful for my Puppy

What am I thankful for? Well, it depends on how much time you have. But in the interest of getting you to tomorrow’s dinner before the turkey’s cold, I’ll just tell you about one particular pup I’m quite thankful has found her home with us.

Safe travels to everyone on the road today.

Road Trip!

Despite numerous letters to the President and both houses of Congress, my petition to reduce the distance between Chicago and New Jersey fell on deaf ears. I checked again this morning and the map still says we have a thirteen hour drive ahead of us. Oh well, it was worth a shot.


Vote Will/Eko 2016! We’ll remove inconvenient geographical distances!


I ran Eko and Penny doubly ragged yesterday so they’ll be content to snooze the trip away

This drive is never fun, but I’m lucky I have two road warriors for pups. I also have a theory that they don’t think the trip is that long since they’re sleeping for the vast majority of it.


What the backseat of my car looks like for ten of the thirteen hours

Either way, now’s no time for dithering. The road calls. Catch you guys tomorrow from NJ!


“Must-haves” for Pet Travel

We’re gearing up for a Thanksgiving road trip to NJ. I like to travel light, but I feel like I could make an endless list of things the dogs “need.” In reality the pups need very little, but there are some extras which can make the trip more enjoyable for everyone. The trick is figuring out what those “must have” extras are and what you can leave behind.

In the ongoing trial-and-error experiment that is my life, here are the goods I’ve found go the furthest when we’re furthest from home.

1. Antlers:


This new antler gets even more attention than the old one. If the pups are in the mood for chomping, in the car or at our destination, I’ve found nothing keeps their attention like the antler


In fact, it’s so popular I’ve ordered a second one to avoid these staring contests. Antlers are lightweight and don’t smell, a double bonus when traveling

2. Crate:


Heavy? Yes. Cumbersome? Yes. Essential? For now. I no longer crate Penny at my apartment, but when we’re traveling, a crate is essential for her safety. While I run holiday errands I’ll feel much better knowing Penny is chomping on an antler in her crate and not looking for trouble around my mom’s house

3. Blanket:


This green guy is the “The Little Blanket That Could.” It survived puppy-Eko and is chugging along unscathed by puppy-Penny. It’s small, comfy, lightweight and a familiar piece of home. No matter where we go, wherever I lay down the blanket is where the pups go to lay their heads 


Penny would have gone to the fire anyway, but you get my drift

That’s it! Of course we have food, waste bags and treats (yes, treats are essential), but aside from that we’re minimalists. It makes traveling with the pups easier and more enjoyable if I’m not lugging beds, toys, grooming supplies and anything else I don’t absolutely need. If something unexpected comes up, I can usually rig together a temporary replacement. More often than not, I don’t need anything else.

Traveling with pets isn’t a one size fits all process though.  So I’m interested to hear what your “must haves” are when you hit the road with your pet. If you have any good ideas, I might just have to borrow them before we leave!

[VIDEO] Is a Rhodesian Ridgeback right for you?

Before I got Eko I had lots of questions about Rhodesian Ridgebacks. I wanted to learn everything and anything I could. I found plenty of great materials, but reading through generalities can only get you so far. I wanted to see one up close. For those who are doing the research I once did,  I put together a quick video of what day-to-day life is like with a Ridgeback.

How did your expectations of your pet differ from the general descriptions you knew ahead of time?


[VIDEO] A Rhodesian Ridgeback in Gotham

We’re taking another drive down memory lane today with a look at our week in Gotham in 2011(!). Eko might not be batdog, but he made himself right at home in Manhattan.

As an added bonus we managed to trick a pro to put this video together for us, so unlike all of my older videos (and most of my newer ones) it looks great. Check out young Eko in action.